3 Guest Blogging Tips to Help You Generate More Traffic

3 Guest Blogging Tips to help you generate traffic and gain page authority for your niche.

Before we get into the guest blogging tips, you may be wondering...  what exactly is guest blogging?  Guest blogging, quite simply, is the process of posting your content on another website or blog. This content also contains a link back to your website. Most generally, you provide the content for free, in exchange for a link to your site. This process is one small part of your overall SEO strategy. Essentially, you’re building your “link profile”.

Now...  why should you consider guest posting?  Well… you get a link to your website. (Google ranks your site better when you have quality external links.)  In return, the external website gets free content. Everybody wins.

Sounds easy, but you need to exercise some caution, this can easily get you in trouble, if it's not done right. I want to make sure you get started on the right foot, so here are my 3 guest blogging tips:

Guest Blogging Tip 1: Don’t go crazy and overdo it.

Just like any SEO strategy, don’t overdo it. Spamming content everywhere on the internet will not only give off a bad impression regarding your website, it looks unnatural to search engines. If the search engines get the impression that you are spamming or intentionally trying to manipulate your page rank, you’ll likely find your website penalized. Use guest posting, but don’t go crazy. And certainly don’t use the same anchor text over and over again.

Guest Blogging Tip 2: Only guest post on websites with page authority

Posting your content and adding a link on a website with page authority is far better than adding several links to blogs of little importance, think "spammy" websites.

You might be asking yourself, “How do you tell who has page authority?” A site with page authority is a site that Google trusts. And if Google trusts them, your link on their website will give you much more SEO rank, than if you threw it out on a link farm or directory. Does that make sense?

One excellent way to find high authority blogs is to look at Googles 'News’ section. This will show you sites that Google trusts enough to feature in their News section. If you can get a link from one of these, then you can be sure that it will help you a great deal.

Another tip is to look at the links profile of the blog you’re planning on targeting. Trust for Google works a little like ‘degrees of separation’ and if the blog linking to you has a link from a .edu site for example, then this will translate to more trust for you too! Learning about page authority is really a blog post in and of itself. There is a really good blog post regarding page authority over at Moz.

Guest Blogging Tip 3: The content should be your best work

When you have the opportunity to guest blog, make sure the content you provide is high quality. Not only will your very best content attract Google, but it will also attract traffic back to your website.  Most importantly, you might receive another invitation to guest post again.

The "type of content" is another important aspect. The content should be relevant to your website and niche. The traffic you do generate is more beneficial to you if its targeted traffic, traffic from people that could potentially be a future client or customer. Lastly, Google demands that inbound links to your website be relevant to your website

So by now you have my 3 guest blogging tips!  Go out there and start blogging!

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