5 Things Every Fitness Website Needs

If you have a fitness website, it's extremely important that you include these 5 things to be successful. The fitness industry is booming, and it's not going to slow down anytime soon.  The CDC for 2014 shows an overweight and obese percentage of 70% among adults age 20 or more.  The market is ready for your fitness business, whether it's an online fitness business or a brick and mortar business.  Maybe you already have a website, if so, I wanted to share with you 5 things every fitness website needs, in no particular order.  I will also venture to say, that there are more than 5.  These should get you started in the right direction. Don't have a fitness website?  I can help, I have a passion for both fitness and web design - WIN WIN.  So here we go, 5 things every fitness website needs:

1. A Clear, Concise and Easy to Navigate Website

Your website should be the "hub" of your fitness business.  Everything should lead back to your website.  For example, your Facebook, Twitter and all other social media accounts should be used to lead potential customers back to your website. Once your potential customer arrives, the website should be clear, concise, and easy to navigate.  Your website should also be responsive, meaning it will look good on any device.  If it's not responsive, this is a MUST, google even says so. You also want to make sure you get a good domain name and email to go with it.

2. Lead capture pages and email marketing

Once your potential customer arrives, your website should be setup to monetize from that visit OR be setup to monetize at a later time.  For example, lead capture pages offer something of value for free to your potential customer in exchange for their contact information. This will allow you to build an email marketing list.  This list can be used to deliver content, marketing, or offers at a later time.  During that campaign, you may convert the potential customer to a paying customer.  I will make the disclaimer that most people in the fitness industry enjoy helping others, and not necessarily converting every visitor to a paying customer.  But let's also be honest, everyone has bills to pay too!

3. Developing relationships, trust and CONTENT

Most people in the web design or web marketing business will tell you "content is king".  That's true.  I would also say it's equally important to build relationships and trust, while delivering your content.  For this reason, your website should definitely have a blog.  Blog posts will tell your story.  Your story is your fitness passion, your success, your failures.  What works for you, how have you been successful in losing weight, helping others, and what you can do to help them. Your blog will also help you rank better in the search engines.  Write content that is relevant to your market, and contains keywords to help you rank well in google.

4. Search Engine Optimization

Having the best looking website int he world, does not mean that people will find you online.  Search engine optimization are actions taken on and off your website.  This is extremely important if you are going to survive online.

5. CTAs, Challenge groups and/or accountability

CTA (or call to action) encourages your potential customer to take action.  To stop stalling, making excuses, or putting off what they know they really need to do....  get started! Most CTAs are scattered throughout the website.  On the blog, the homepage, etc.  One CTA that I really like to use is a challenge group.  Challenge groups are a small group of "like minded" individuals that will help motivate, support, and encourage others in the group.  This is a winning scenario for everyone involved.  You're given the opportunity to build relationships and trust, which will convert a one time customer into long term customer.  Your challenge group will also develop relationships and trust with others in the group and with you.  Your customers will also benefit from better health and fitness.  And if you're in the fitness industry, this is your number one goal, helping others!  You're doing what you love, and your customers will also reap the benefits. Your website should incorporate blog posts, landing pages, and email marketing to facilitate your challenge groups.

I could probably list several more, but without question, these are 5 things every fitness website needs. Good luck!

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